Digi5Media, a group of enthusiasts has a no-nonsense techno-savvy team with hard work running through their veins. The team constitutes an ardent group of graphic designers, talented web developers and an intelligent brigade of SEO analysts. Our family of Digi5Media came into existence in the year 2009, with a spirit to get better and bigger every day. The 5 in the name of the company represents Panchabhuta or Five Elements (Earth or Prithvi; Water or Jal; Fire or Agni; Air or Vayu and then Ether or Akasha) which is the starting point of the cosmic quest of the world and beyond. It is the elemental 5, from which our body is created!

Talking in terms of work! We have an explicit experience of developing a number of websites with creative designs and outlook! Our IT team is dexterous and has an insightful approach. We deliver better in this world of competency and we believe in sincere diligence, just get us on your work board and we will sail for you on water online!

From static, dynamic to e-commerce, from SMO-SEO to digital marketing, from logo designs, brochures to corporate stationary. Explore any and every part of a web world with our tech-doctors! Solution-providers for your web worries!

Join our adventure of technological metamorphosis today!


Our Process


Just post your project requirements. We will contact you within hours and thoroughly review your project and dedicate a WordPress developer to handle it. We strive to offer you best possible solution according to your needs.


Based on consultation with our experts, you can choose engagement timelines for your project development.


Once everything is finalized, go ahead and make the payment and we’ll immediately start working on your project. It’s that simple!

Our Team


Manoj Bist  Director

Mr. Bisht-the cool quotient of Digi5Media, is Director of the company. This man of words is calm and composed. He is presently handling the position of director, Digi5Media and handles the training & the processes of the IT team. He is a charismatic workaholic and the brain&soul of Digi5Media. His expert advice, refined skills sprinkled with a soothing smile, encourages the employees to work harder for better! He did his PGDM from AIMA, specializing in Graphic Designing. It has been his frivolous 12 years of experience with AOL (owned by Warner Brothers, USA) which he uses in maintaining his present responsibilities. He is a living inspiration for the youth brigade at Digi5Media. Manoj is polite and diligent at work and his enthusiasm runs in the blood of our tech team. His adherence to certain principles has transformed him into an ideal senior and guardian. His genial attitude and innovative tech-brain are the strength of the company.


Ankit Mahajan  Our Face Value

Ankit-the X factor of Digi5Media, is the Managing Director of the organization. A vibrant, skilled and management enthusiast. His words of wisdom are the driving force for the employees. He has an adhesive factor and intellectual sense of humor. With hard work in his blood, he encourages each and every individual in the office. Ankit’s affectionate approach and dynamic persona make him an idyllic leader of a team. He did PGDM from AIMA and specialized in sales & marketing. He handles the marketing and the client relations of the organization. He is a fitness geek and has honeyed tongue! He is fascinating at work and is the body&heart of the company. His cultured tranquility and quick wit complement his powerful presence. He is the pillar of strength for us. He understands each and every employee and is more of a pal than a Boss. Some people gain respect without being bossy, he is one of them!

Our Experience

We have worked with more than 50 clients across the globe in multiple industries providing software development services in more than 21 countries. Our services are scalable which means that we address the needs of both small and large businesses. Ranging from innovative startups to well established companies with more than 7-digit revenue, our technical expertise was made use of.

With years of experience we have managed to perfect the process, system and technologies which enabled us to create high-quality, scalable web and mobile solutions. The philosophy of our work states that our products will always reflect our deep engineering skills and both progressive, elegant, and classy aesthetic design. We truly believe in the initiative of developing a long term strategic collaboration with our clients by exceeding their expectations. We are committed to expanding the business potential of our clients providing unique and personalized solutions that cater to their area of business.

Let us introduce you to a whole new world where your ideas will be developed in a prolific business!

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