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The success of any ecommerce website depends a lot on its ability to meet user needs. Right from the moment the customer lands on a product page to checkout, they’ll expect no obstacles to their buying process. This all revolves around how well the site is developed. In the fast paced ecommerce business environment, finding the right company to handle the development of your ecommerce site can be difficult. Digi5 Media offers affordable and customized web development services that will help your online business attract more targeted customers and generate more revenue.

Our e-commerce development service is focused on creating unique, flexible, user friendly and scalable ecommerce sites. At the core of our business is the deep desire to build you a website that will not only attract the right traffic, but will also easily convert them into buyers. Our team comprises skilled, passionate and highly dedicated programmers with a combined experience spanning over 100 years. We use a variety of open source technologies to build custom ecommerce websites that are both affordable and easily scalable. We offer a variety of ecommerce solutions based on your business’ objectives and needs.


Why Choose us?

Our e-commerce development service is focused on your business model, your products and your target market.

We understand that every client that approaches us for ecommerce website creation has a unique business model. That’s why rather than offer a generic ecommerce solution, we strive to offer a unique tailor made site that meets the clients need. You’ll be no exception.





You’ll benefit from the latest technologies and clean code from world class programmers.

At [business name] we strive to ensure that we stay abreast of the latest ecommerce and technology developments. In turn, our clients are assured of modern and up to date websites. Our development team includes highly skilled and passionate programmers. Besides being certified, many of our coders are actively refining their skill to ensure that they only write code that’s clean, secure and easy to maintain. Every ecommerce website we build is also search engine friendly and completely responsive.

We’re a friendly and easily accessible web development services provider.

Our goal is to provide practical solutions to the ecommerce development problems you may encounter. We have a dedicated customer support team that’s reachable via email, chat or telephone. We’re available 24/7 and always strive to respond to client queries within reasonable time. Our support doesn’t end once the project is complete. Our clients are always provided continuing support to ensure that their online businesses run smoothly.

Get different ecommerce solutions based on your needs.

Digi5 Media offers a variety of unique ecommerce development solutions to suit different business needs. They include the following:

Custom ecommerce website design

Our team of developers will build you a custom website using the latest technologies. All ecommerce websites we build are mobile responsive to ensure that they are accessible to the growing mobile shoppers market.

Ecommerce cart development

We will design and build a custom ecommerce shopping cart for integration with existing or new websites. This will streamline all shopping and payment processing for your website.

Third party payment gateway integration

Offer your shoppers different payment options to maximize revenue using our third party payment gateway integration service.

Mobile e-commerce development

Make your online store accessible via native mobile apps. Our team will create a custom IOS, Android and Windows app to bring your store closer to your customers.

Ecommerce plug-in and module development

Improve your ecommerce store’s functionality and accessibility using custom plug-ins and modules.

Technologies we use

At Digi5 Media we’re committed to remain at the forefront as far as using the latest technology goes. We prefer using popular open source technologies due to the following reasons:

  • - Free to use with little restrictions which significantly lowers development costs
  • - Large active communities dedicated to developing the technologies
  • - Easy to scale and maintain ecommerce sites built using the technologies
Some of the popular technologies we use in ecommerce development include:
  • - Open source ecommerce CMS like Magento, WordPress, X-Cart, Zencart and OpenCart
  • - Web development technologies like PHP, MySQL, HTML5, JavaScript and Java
  • - Mobile technologies such as IOS and Android
  • - Paid for ecommerce technologies such as Amazon AWS

Our team of talented developers is highly skilled in many of the technologies driving today’s leading ecommerce websites. This makes it easy to come up with custom ecommerce solutions for every development job we handle.





Have a look at few of our recent projects and see for yourself why they have chosen Digi5 Media for Web Development

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Our Process

The success of our web development services is partly attributed to our use of a simplified and highly interactive process. It involves three major stages.

Identification of business objectives and planning

Understanding your business objectives marks the first step towards building a successful ecommerce site. We’ll collect details regarding your business, its products and target clients. This gives us the information needed to decide what type of ecommerce solution best suits your business, the technologies to use and project timeline. Client involvement at this stage is very critical to the success of the project.

Design and development

Once we’ve agreed on the business objectives and created a plan, design of the website begins. Here, our coders and designers collaborate to ensure that the site is delivered within the proposed timeframe. Some of the design and development activities carried out at this stage include UX and UI design, developing the online store's back end and integration with third party technologies. Testing is also an important part of this stage.

Launch, support and maintenance

Once the ecommerce website is complete, it is launched and tracked to ensure that it’s fully functional and accessible. Our team will be on standby to offer any support necessary. We also provide maintenance services which include removal of bugs, updating the technologies used and scaling the ecommerce site to accommodate increasing user needs.

Our Experience

Digi5 Media has been providing web development services for over 7 years. During this time, we’ve developed ecommerce solutions for SMEs, individuals and even fortune 500 companies. Our developers have over 100 combined years using different web development technologies. This expertise makes them stand out among the best in the industry.

If you’re looking for a reliable, affordable and experienced ecommerce development company, contact Digi5 Media today. We look forward to helping you build a successful online business.

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